Turkey MT1000 Day 4: Doubles Champions, Into Singles Final

Draws are here.

Today I had an early start, warming up around 8 (I served then hit with Chris French after she finished warming up her husband Paul), then played at 9am…we actually got on a bit early and finished around 10. I played well and won in straight sets. The court played well…in the morning it was not very windy and since it hadn’t rained too much, the bounces were pretty good (also it was the first match of the day and I think they roll the courts each morning).

After stretching, going to the gym, and having lunch, I walked back to the courts…it’s very easy to get A LOT of steps here, just by walking to and from the courts! Sabine Schmidt and I played the doubles final around 3pm. The wind was gusty in the second set in particular and changed directions 180 degrees midway through the match. We won 61 62…here they are playing no-ad in doubles (with a 10 point tiebreak in lieu of a third set), so two of the three games we lost were on deciding points. We played Sigrid Rinow and Hildegard Bruggraber. Hildegard won the mixed in the 65s.

Below: Carolyn, Sabine, Hildegard & Sigrid; Sigrid is not only tall, but a lefty.

After we played Sabine and I had a chat and a soda…then I walked back to the room and later met up with Sabine and other players for dinner. I finally took some photos of the food, which don’t really do it justice.

Tempting as it is, no one went straight to desert before eating the main course.

Tonight was “Mexican” night complete with square burritos and some interesting looking tacos. But every night there are spices out to make grilled fish and chicken more interesting.

I play the final of singles against Katrin Dippner tomorrow. She’s a tough player, who won the tournament last week over Sabine…I played her in the Mallorca 1000 final last year.

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