Turkey Tennis Day 3: Doubles Day

Draws are here.

Today, Wednesday, was a doubles only day…Sabine Schmidt, my opponent tomorrow was my doubles partner today and we won…Sabine is an excellent player and a super doubles player, great volleyer.

I warmed up early with Lisa Prechtel, and after breakfast and the gym, warmed up Laura DiVittori for a bit…I think it took longer to get to the court than it did to warm up. There are about 54 courts and the warm up courts (at anytime after 8:45 am) are the last two, at least a quarter mile or so from the front of the tennis complex.

After our 12:45 doubles match Lisa, Sabine and I had lunch at the main venue, which has quite a varied menu…lots of salads, fruits, deserts, and also grilled fish, chicken, Turkish spiced meatballs, samosas and more.

Today there is a Wilson exhibition with Philip Kohlschreiber and also a Wilson demo day and a “gala dinner” at the main restaurant (which I think means they cover the wooden chairs with white cloths…it’s still a buffet). I love my Volkl racquets, so skipped the Wilson demos.

Tomorrow I play Sabine in singles…not sure it we have the doubles final as well.

It was very windy and last night it rained hard for a short while, and sprinkled some today. The waves from the Mediterranean Sea are frothy today for sure, quite a change from the calm seas of Monday. A lovely thing about Turkey is the beautiful tiles which decorate everything from fountains to buildings.

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