USA Advances to Mulloy Cup Final in Villach; Reaches Final of Eight Cups

The USA Mulloy Cup won today 3/0 over Australia and play France, an upset winner over Canada today. Crutchet best Lorne Main 06 64 1/0(4).

Gr. Britain upset Germany 2:1 so play USA for the Queens Cup. The singles was very interesting; GBR won at #2 singles in a long three-setter. At #1, GBR’s top player took on world #1 Elisabeth Von Boemmel. Germany led 52 and 53 40-0 in the first set only to watch its lead disappear. The set ended in a tiebreak. GBR took first blood, with 2 set points at 64. Germany fought back and the tiebreak went back and forth, with both players having multiple set points till, at 13 all (on Friday the 13th), Germany once again got to set point and improbably..hit an ace on the line. GBR was in shock! Then GBR took four straight games…not to be outdone, Germany took the next six, sending the tie into a deciding doubles match, won by GBR.

The Alice Marble Cup won too and play Austria in the final, as does the USA Jack Crawford Cup team.

Kitty Godfree Cup play France in the final

USA won against France in the Althea Gibson Cup (Donna Fales put in a strong performance to oust Michelle Bichon) and they face a strong British team in the final: Frances Taylor took out world #1 Heide Orth in a flawless performance.

The Bitsy Grant Cup and Queens Cup teams are already in the final.

The Britannia Cup lost today 2/1 to Switzerland, dropping both singles points. and play Germany tomorrow for the bronze.

The Doris Hart Cup had the day off and face Netherlands again tomorrow in a bit of a revenge match. Lucille Kyvallos is out of the hospital (and looks good) and will be watching her team tomorrow.

I hope to post some photos tomorrow or the next day from the final. Below are a few from the Queens Cup today; spectators were riveted by the very long tiebreak.




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