USA Final Wrap and Medal Photos

After a long week on the court, the final results. For results from the entire week and photos:

Italia Cup, men’s 35s: They were seeded 5th and finished 7th. The USA had a dramatic win today over Australia. Ross Duncan won in three sets after Matt Jacobs lost at #2 singles; Marcio Pepe/Josh Schofield (according to the ITF webiste) won the doubles in three sets to clinch the win. 

Trabert Cup, men’s 40s: They were unseeded and finished 11th yesterday. 

Dubler Cup, men’s 45: USA were seeded 7th and finished 8th. They beat Chile in a nailbiter…Curtis Dunn won at #2 singles, Kamil Kuchta lost at the top spot and Kline Sack/Jared Jacobs fought off match points in the third set, rallying from 1-4 down in the third to win the tie. 

Lenglen Cup, women’s 35: USA were seeded #3 and finished 6th. Today they lost to #4 Spain in a heartbreaker. Gee Gee Garvin pulled out a 3-setter in singles, Meredith Walton lost and then Katerina Stanford/Amanda Parson-Siegel fell in three sets in doubles. 

Young Cup, women’s 40: USA were seeded #4 and finished #3, winning bronze medals in the process with an upset win over Great Britain, the #3 seeds. Simona Bruetting and Debbie Spence-Nasim won the singles points before Tracie Currie and Mitsumi Shirai fell in 3 sets in doubles. 

Court Cup, women’s 40: USA were seeded #2 and finished #4, yesterday. 

 Dubler Cup Team below after their final doubles victory. 

USA Dubler Cup Team Saturday


USA Young Cup Team Saturday,


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