USA M30 Into Final; W40 (Young Cup) Advance to Semis in Turkey on Wednesday.

See results from all matches here.

The USA Men’s 30s team beat Argentina 2/1, with #1 Neil Bennett and doubles team Josh Bashal/Alan Regale winning the two points. They have a bye on Thursday.

The USA Young Cup team (W40) beat Australia 3/0, dropping only seven games in the two singles and doubles matches played.

W 30 fell 2/1 to Argentina today, losing both tiebreaks played. They play So Africa next for 3/4th place.

W35: USA beat Switzerland 3/0 and play next for 5/6. They have a bye tomorrow.

W45: USA fell to France 3/0 and will play for 5-8 starting with Finland on Thursday.

W50: USA blanked Turkey 3/0 (not dropping a singles game) and play against Japan tomorrow in the 13-19 group.

M35: USA beat Croatia 30 to advance in the 13-16 playoff group.

M40: Bye today but play Kazakhstan next. Draw says 9-11 but there are way more than three teams in this group…

M45: USA fell to Germany 2/1, splitting the singles but dropping the doubles point. They play Italy next in the 5-8 group.

M50: USA lost 3/0 to Netherlands and play in the 5-8 group tomorrow vs Germany.

Tomorrow’s matches

  • M30 & 35: Bye
  • M40: Kazakhstan
  • M45: Italy
  • M50: Germany
  • W 30: So Africa
  • W35: Bye
  • W40: Spain
  • W45: Finland
  • W50: Japan

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