ITF Masters World Team Championships: Tuesday, Wrap Up of Round Robin Matches: USA in Medal Rounds in M 30/45/50 & W 30/40/45

Note: I am not in Turkey, so am relying on the accuracy of the results posted on the ITF masters website. If there are errors…which happens occasionally. The schedule for Wednesday of USA teams is listed at the bottom of the page.

Results for Wednesday will be posted here. (By ITF)

Women’s 40/45 and Men’s 45/50 have won their round robin groups and have a bye.

Men’s 30s: USA leads Canada 2/0 which means Canada, Chile and USA are tied at 2/1. If USA wins the doubles point they should advance to the medal rounds. Chile beat USA 2/1 but fell to Canada. Update: USA beat Canada 2/1 but due to having the best win/loss record in sets and games ended #1 in their group. They are in a 1-4 playoff (meaning they will medal as medals are awarded to the top 4 teams), and play Argentina next.

Women’s 30s: USA is playing Sweden and are tied at 1/1. They will play for 1-4 if they win and for 5-8 if they lose. They came very close to winning both singles, dropping the #1 singles 76 in the third set. Update: USA won the doubles point decisively and play Argentina in the semis of the medal round.

Women’s 35 (Lenglen): USA beat Portugal 3/0 today to finish second in their group. They will now play in the 5-8 playoff, starting with Switzerland. That draw can be found here.

Men’s 35 (Italia); USA lost today to France 3/0 and finished 4th in their group of four teams. They will play now for 13-16 place against the other teams which finished 4th in their respective group.

Men’s 40 lost 2/1 to Portugal (they split the singles and lost the doubles point) to finish 3rd in their group. I believe they will play the other teams which finished 3rd (there should be four other teams in a knockout format.

Women’s 50s trail Germany 2/0 and so finish third in their group. They will play now in a knockout draw for 13-19 place.

Schedule for Wednesday:

  • M30: USA vs Argentina 1-4 playoff
  • M 35: USA v ARG 13-16 playoff
  • M 40: bye
  • M 45: USA vs GER 1-8 playoff
  • M 50: USA vs NED 1-8 playoff
  • W 30: USA vs ARG 1-4 playoff
  • W 35: USA v SUI 5-8 playoff
  • W 40: USA vs AUS 1-8 playoff
  • W 45: USA vs FRA 1-8 playoff
  • W 50: USA vs Turkey 13-16 playoff

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