USA Sweeps Again in Boynton Beach: Women 65/70/75/85 & Men 65/70/75/80 Win

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It was nearly Groundhog Day for the USA teams: 8 for 8 at the ITF Super Senior World Team Championships, the USA teams are undefeated for the second straight day. The Men’s 85 (I think) & Women’s 80 had the day off. Tomorrow many of the USA teams have a day off due to three-team round robins: Men’s 65, 70. 75 & 80 Women’s 65, 70, & 85 have byes tomorrow. I think the men’s 85 play tomorrow but the schedule isn’t up…or maybe they played today…results aren’t up!

Our team won 3/0. I lost the only game of the day. We played against a very nice Austrian team. I played Ingrid Bruckner, a bubbly lefty, Diane played another lefty Sylvia Reigl and Bunnie and Susan played Elfriede Loescher and Ingrid in doubles. We play Germany in the semis on Wednesday. They took out Netherlands 2/1, winning both singles. Great Britain will play France in the other semifinal match.

The women’s 85 beat Argentina 3/0. photo below.

Susan, Jenny and I had dinner with the Men’s 70 team Paul Wulf, Dave Sivertson and Bob Litwin and spouses and Adam from USTA. It was fun to dress up a bit.

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