USA Wins Silver Medals in W40, M35 in Turkey; Bronze in W30. Italy Wins 4 Titles, Germany 3 at the ITF Masters World Team Championships in Turkey

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Click here to see the link to the ITF Individual World Championships in Turkey which begin tomorrow.

The USA Women’s 40 (Young Cup) and Men’s 30s both lost to Germany today, the Young Cup 2/1 (winning the doubles point in a match tiebreak) and the Men’s 30 3/0.

The Women’s 30s won the bronze medal yesterday.

M35 (Italia Cup): USA fell 2/1 to Australia to finish 14th.

W35 (Lenglen Cup): USA beat Great Britain to finish 5th.

M40 (Trabert Cup): USA beat So Africa 3/0 today to finish second in their round robin playoff group, appearing to finish tied for 12th place.

M45 (Dubler Cup): USA beat Australia 3/0 to finish 7th.

W45 (Court Cup): USA beat Great Britain 3/0 to finish 5th.

M50 (Perry Cup): USA beat Australia 2/1 to finish 7th.

W50 (Bueno Cup): USA beat Canada 2/1 (with Klitch winning at #1 singles & doubles with Tracie Currie) to finish 13th.

Overall Italy, Germany and France dominated the event with Netherlands also winning a gold medal. The winners are:

  • M/W30: Germany
  • M/W35: Italy
  • M40: Italy
  • W40: Germany
  • M/W45: France
  • M50: Netherlands
  • W50: Italy

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