USAWin 65/70/85 Women, 85; Silver W80; Matches Suspended M70 (1/1), M 75 (1/0); M 65 Into Final

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USA W 65 beat Gr Britain 3/0, capping an excellent week of play by a strong USA team. Diane Barker at 1 beat Anne Clark 60 61; I won by the same score against Jane Rushby and Susan Wright finished a lightning-delayed match over Clark/Pat Wire 63 61. They were leading 63 2/1 when the lightning alarm rang and we had to leave the court. When play resumed over an hour later ( it never rained!) USA was on fire and didn’t give the British team a chance.

Barker, Nichols, Jackson, Wright

France beat Germany 2/1 to win the bronze. Germany won at number two singles. Benedict LeGrand beat Sabine Schmidt at number one. After the lightning delay France came out playing very strongly and won the deciding doubles in straight sets.

The USA women’s 85 team, the Angela Mortimer Cup, beat Great Britain 3/0. Roz King at number two singles and Doris deVries at number one singles won in dominating fashion. Carol Wood and Dorothy Wasser completed the US sweep to win Gold.

King, DeVries, Wood, Wasser

USA women’s 70 team, the Althea Gibson Cup, also beat Great Britain, 2/0. Wendy McColskey at number two singles, and Tina Karwasky at number one singles, beat Pauline Fisher and Marjorie Love in straight sets respectively. The doubles point was not played.

Karwasky, McColskey, Dixon, Novack

The USA men’s 85 team, the Lorne Main Cup, beat Argentina in the final 3/0 with the loss of only five games. Gerald Hayes at number two singles, and King Van Nostrand playing number one singles, each dropped a single game. Herm Ahlers and George McCabe, won the doubles point 63 60.

Hayes, Ahlers, Van Nostrand, McCabe

The USA women’s 80 team, the Doris Hart Cup, fell to Germany 2/1. Susanne Clark won a match tiebreaker to win the number 2 singles point. USA was a set away from victory when Cathie Anderson won the first set against Heide Orth. Orth rallied to win the second set in another match tiebreak. Germany dominated the deciding doubles match 62 60 to win the Cup.

The men’s 65 team, the Brittania Cup, beat Great Britain 2/0. After they clinched the win the lightning out alarm rang, and the doubles wasn’t played. Dan Waldman played number two singles and Mark Vines played the number one singles. They play Australia tomorrow for the cup.

The USA men’s 70 team the Jack Crawford Cup, split their singles. It then rained in Boca Raton, and the deciding doubles will be played Friday.

The USA men’s 75 team, the Bitsy Grant cup, is up 1/0. Geoff Moore beat Camina Borda of Spain in a long 3-set match. Michael Beautyman is playing number one singles against Velasco, which was rained out today. The conclusion of the tie will be played on Friday

The women’s 75 team, the Queens Cup, will play its final round robin match Friday. They are playing for Silver.

The USA men’s 80 team, the Gardnar Mulloy Cup, was off today but plays for Gold tomorrow against Great Britain.

W 65, 70, 85: Gold

W 80: Silver

M 85: Gold

M 65/70/75/80 play/complete finals Friday . W 75 plays for silver

Order of Play for Friday April 29, 2022

  • M65: Quail Ridge CC, USA vs AUS, Final, Court 11, 10am
  • M 70: Boca West CC, USA vs AUT, Final (conclusion), Court 13, Noon
  • M75: Boca West CC, USA vs ESP, Final (conclusion), Stadium, Noon
  • M80: Coral Lakes CC, USA vs GBR (3-team RR for Cup), Court 10, 11:30
  • W75: Boynton Beach Tennis Center, USA vs GBR (playing RR match for silver), Court 1, 11am

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