USTA Level 1 Clay: Women’s 40-80, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Draws are here.

The ITF MT 1000/USTA Level 1 (Gold Ball) tournament began today in Palm Beach Gardens, FL at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center. It hit 90 today (according to my car thermometer), quite a contrast to recent weather in California for example.

I had a bye in singles and doubles today but warmed up my doubles partner Susan Wright and hit with top-seeded Fran Chandler before going over the the Tennis Center to scout my first round opponent and watch Susan.

Susan beat Sally Zasloff on the center court; fellow San Diegans Maria Nunez and Christina Kaus both won; Lisa Lillie won a marathon over Anna Tesadro. Lisa won the player of the day award today! I play Hiko Fritz-Krokow tomorrow.

Susan Wright…courtesy of Susan Nitterauer

In the 70s, the big guns were out, with Wendy McColskey winning easily, using a smooth as butter backhand and evil drop shot to supplement her fine forehand. Wendy is the 2nd seed (and 2019 world champion in the 65s); Tina Karwasky, the current 70s world champion, had the only singles bye in the 70s. The match of the day though was between Liane Bryson (San Diego) and Lil Peltz-Petow (FL), with the winner getting McColskey.Liane fought valiantly before falling 61 36 76 to the crafty lefty. Peltz-Petow plays McColskey next.

In the 80s, Inge Weber (Canada), who is in the 85s, won a tough 3-setter against Sue McCandless 63 26 61; it doesn’t get any easier, she now plays #2 Charleen Hillebrand. All the seeds received byes in the 80s today.

Players were all given a nice long sleeved shirt and there will be a couple of lunches this week.

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