National Women’s 40-80 Clay Day 2: Into the Quarters

Draws are here.

On another sunny, hot day in Palm Beach Gardens round of 16 and quarterfinal action took place. The seeders overall have to be commended as there were only a couple of upsets.

Top row: Margaret Lumia & Kris McDonald; NWTO Desk; Lil Peltz-Petow (nice sunscreen use!); Middle Row Middle: Nunez, Kaus, Nichols, Wright; Middle left: Adrianne Sprouse; Middle right: Weber; bottom left to right: Virginie; Sam, Lisa

I beat Hiko Fritz-Krokow (her daughter Mariko won the 40 hard courts in December). won 1,0 but we had plenty of good rallies. Susan Wright, my doubles partner, beat Ruth Light. Ann Young, one of the 5-8 seeds had a tussle with San Diego’s Christina Kaus, but advanced 63 in the third. I play Young next. The rest of the seeds advanced more easily, though Lisa Lillie had a good second set with Vicki Buholz, the 2nd seed, losing 60 63.

In doubles, Susan and I had a two hour match with Kaus and Maria Nunez, winning 63 63. San Diego doubles players are always tough, and we had some pretty amazing rallies, everyone moved well, and easy putaways were hard to come by. We play Terri Thyssen/Mariann Caplan next.

In the 50s, Vincenza Massaro upset the #3 seed, Darlene McGlone to reach the semis, with the rest of the seeds advancing comfortably. Former top 10 play Lisa Boner Kerkorian beat Virginie Poritzky 62 62. Virginie is a member of the Women’s 50s Cup team competing in Turkey next month. I talked a bit to her coach for the week, Sam Jalloh (see him in the collage holding up the books he’s authored, “Can’t Break the African Sprit” and “How Tennis Saved My Life”. In the “tennis is a small community” category, turns out he was a coach for five at the tennis academy in Mallorca where I often train!

In 50 doubles, Massaro and Ann Clark upset the #3 seeds there too, Michelle Williams/Susan Love, in straight sets.

In the 70s, the four seeds advanced decisively, losing only 6 games between them…semis tomorrow should be good! In doubles, the format is different, three round robin groups of 3 teams with the three winning teams advancing to the gold medal round.

In the 80s, #2 seeded Charleen Hillebrand had to go 3 sets to beat Inge Weber who is in the 85s…she plays Frances Dickenson next. Susanne Clark, the #4 seed, had to retire against Brooks Byrd after splitting two long sets due to illness (it was very hot and Susanne lives in NY state…).

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