USA Young Cup Team Falls to France & Plays for Bronze Saturday; Court Cup Finishes Fourth

The only USA team in medal contention in the Young Seniors had a really tough match with France today. Simona Bruetting lost at #2 singles in straight sets but Debbie Spence Nasim played a marathon before falling 76 in the third at the top spot. The doubles point wasn’t played. So the USA plays Great Britain tomorrow for bronze, go USA. 


The Lenglen Cup team beat Argentina yesterday and plays Spain for 5th place tomorrow. Below is the photo of the USA and Argentine Lenglen Cup teams. 


The Margaret Court Cup team finished fourth, beating Australia 3/0 behind the singles play of Shelly Works and Julie Cass and the doubles play of Anna Zimmermann/Vesna McKenna. 

In men’s play, the Italia Cup team, men’s 35, lost to Netherlands two/one. Ross Duncan won at #2 singles but Marci Pepe fell at the top spot and Netherlands beat Jacobs/Schofield for the doubles point.  USA plays Australia tomorrow for 7th place. 

The Tony Trabert Cup, men’s 40, finished eleventh after a hard fought come back win over Switzerland. Jacobs playing at #2 lost in three sets; Michael Chang won 36 60 75 at the top spot and Josh Osswald/Chris Sanni completed the victory with a 75 46 62 win in doubles. 

In the Dubler cup, the USA lost two/one to Argentina, with Kamil Kuchta winning the sole point for the USA, at number one singles. The USA Dubler Cup team plays Chile tomorrow for 8th spot. 

So to recap:

Lenglen Cup plays Spain for 5th; Young Cup plays GBR for 3rd; Court Cup finished 4th.

Italia Cup plays Australia for 7th; Trabert Cup finished 11th; Dubler Cup plays Chile for 8th. 

Last night was the Gala Dinner at Ali Bey; a photo from the Thursday night fesitivites is below. 



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