Miami Regional Championship: Sunday Wrap

Saturday afternoon and Sunday there was still quite a bit of tennis to play in Miami Beach at the ITF Regional Championship. I’m relying on the scores from the website, so if there’s an error as to who won, let me know, and please contact the tournament director to correct it online.

Men’s 40: (1) Michael Halperin d. (4) Ry Tarpley (3 sets)

Men’s 45: renee busch d. (1) Philippe Leblanc

Men’s 50: (1) Eoin Collins d. (2) Gabriel Keymer (64 64)

Men’s 55: Vincent Horcasitas d. (2) Denis Dumas 62 61 (Horcasitas also beat the top seed 61 61 in the quarters)

Men’s 60: (1) joakim berner d. (5) Ross Persons (3 sets)

Men’s 65: (1) Frits Raijmakers d. (2) Galba Couto (60 62)

Men’s 75: 1) Jimmy Parker d. (2) Fred Drilling (61 63)

Men’s 35 and 70 finished yesterday.

Note again, that Heather Nobler won the women’s 35s. It was incorrectly recorded into the tournament software program initially.


Men’s 45: Keymer/Mehech d. (1) Engel/Sack (63 63)

Men’s 55: (1) Persons/berner d. Blanno/Garman

Men’s 65: 1) Raijmakers/Shaw d. (2) Barrett/Beautyman (62 60)

Men’s 75 & 35 were played yesterday…reported in yesterday’s blog.

Women’s 45: Vasconcellos/Yanagi d. Chase/Williams (64 63)

Women’s 55: Rainy Miller/Shelly Works won a 3 team RR

Mixed 35: Rawlings/Turner d. (2) Beaudoin/Demer (by default); however Rawlings/Turner beat top seeded Choi/OLEJNIK in three sets in the semis, reported as 76 in the third.

Mixed 45: Chase/Craft d. Maheu/Martinez (75 61; no seeds in this division)

Mixed 55: Miller/Persons d. (1) Dumas/Stobbe 46 75 1-0 (6); photo below courtesy of Rainy Miller

Persons, Miller, Stobbe, Dumas

Results are here:

Photos are here:

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