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  • Fort Lauderdale (Jabour) ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II Women’s Tennis: Day 1

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    In 2020 the USTA scheduled the Palm Beach Gardens (for even age divisions) and Fort Lauderdale (for odd age divisions) back to back. The Fort Lauderdale tournament began today at the Lauderdale Tennis Club, an old fashioned, tennis-centric club surrounded by condominium buildings named for historic tennis players (Lenglen, Tildon etc.).

    This week I’m playing my first 65s tournament. Last year I played the 55s, so I keep looking for my name in the 55s…it’s not there this year, though Shelly Works, the woman I played in the final is the second seed again this year. (Jenny Klitch is the top seed.)

    I played Miriam Morey from North Carolina. She’s a professor at Duke in NC ( From the Duke website: “The general focus of Dr. Morey’s work is exercise and aging. All of her research examines how physical activity, exercise training, or physical fitness influence”). Miram plays at the same club where Wendy McColskey, the #2 seed here is a member. She’s a quick counterpuncher, and after adjusting to the wind we had some good rallies but I came out ahead. I play Helga Immerfall next in the quarters.

    There were no close matches in the 65s and all the seeds won. The seeds in other singles divisions had byes and in doubles, the seeds are playing tomorrow for the most part.

    The 85s draw, though only 6 players, is quite strong with Burnett Herrick, Judy Smith, Lucille Kyvallos, Margaret Canby, Esther Williams and Laurie Leach all playing. Smith beat Canby and Williams beat Leach today. All are enthusiastic about the thought of the ITF holding the Women’s 85 Cup in Mallorca this fall.

    Draws can be found here: https://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=245910#&&s=7Draws13

  • Palm Beach Gardens Grade 1/Super Cat II Thursday, Day 3

    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    So in the 80s all the seeds are gone; Inge Weber (CAN) the top seed and reigning world champion fell in her first match to Susanne Clark of NY 63 64. Clark is new to the division, four years younger than Weber and an excellent player who has played on may USA Cup teams, so it wasn’t as big a surprise as it may seem. Carol Wood had her dropshots in full force against #2 seed Dorothy (I don’t like singles) Wasser today (but Dorothy can really move) and edged her in three sets. Wood plays Grace Woo (another age up) and Weber takes on Burnett Herrick (who edged Irma De Marco in two tight sets).

    In contrast to the 80s, the top two seeds have reached the final of the 70s. Toni Novack beat Brenda Carter while Judy Dixon beat Molly Hahn, by identical 62 62 scores.

    Another current world champion, Wendy McColskey, the #2 seed, fell in the 60s. However McColskey is the defending 65 world champion and lost to the top Canadian 60s player Erin Boynton 62 63in a well played match by both players. Boynton, a rangy 6 footer, served great, moved well and didn’t make many errors in victory. I beat #4 seeded Terri Thomson 60 62, so face Boynton tomorrow.

    In the 50s, the top seeds made it to the final; Jenny Klitch (1) beat Laurie Capra of TX 61 60 and Julie Dybenthal (2) beat Jill Sickle 2,3.

    The results for the 40s have the #2 seed Kristine Kraujina advancing to the final while the result for the other semi between top seeded Lisa Bonder-Kerkorkian and TereTennis Stowell (great name for a player) have yet to be posted.

    Doubles results aren’t posted yet but you can find all results listed here.

    Palm Beach Gardens USTA Super Cat II/ITF Tournament

    Palm Beach Gardens ITF Grade 1/USTA Super Cat II, Day 2, Wednesday

  • Castell/Delfausse Win 75 Doubles in Fort Lauderdale Friday

    The final of the 75 doubles and the singles semis were held today at the Fort Lauderdale Cat II/ITF Grade 1. Carolann Castell/Lee Delfausse, seeded 2, upset top seeded Cathie Anderson/Donna Fales in a topsy-turvy match 6136 62. Castell avenged the singles loss she suffered to Anderson earlier in the day. Anderson won a tightly contested singles match 75 (after leading 51) 64 (after trailing 3/0). Fales beat Susanne Clark 62 63 in the other semi. The final is tomorrow.

    The 65s went strictly according to the seeds today, with Wendy McColskey beating Becky Timmis 64 60 and Lil Peltz-Petow playing flawlessly to beat Sue Bramlette. Pelt-Petow continued her flawless play in doubles, combining with Jan Kirkland-Cochran to beat Cindy LePrevost/Ann Stanley in straight sets. McColskey and her sister Dale overpowered Bramlette/Kerry Young to reach the final.

    In the 55s, I beat Terri Thompson 61 60…she hit four winners in the first game but luckily for me cooled off a bit after that, and Shelly Works beat Jeannie MacEachern 60 61. We are scheduled to play tomorrow at 11am. I’m bringing my lunch with me!

    In 55 doubles, Kris McDonald/Kathy Zanon were solid against Frances O’Sullivan/Abbi Neuthaler and Cheryl Hicks/Sheri Adler overpowered Rainy Miller/Shelly Works, or at least Adler did. She has a seriously good forehand! And her volleys weren’t bad either.

    There was an exhibition 85 singles match too, Lucille Kyvallos vs a Brazilian lady. Lucille won convincingly…she’s playing very well, perhaps motivated by thoughts of a women’s 85 cup this year.

    It was nice to see Susan Boyer.

    Teri Thompson and Susan Boyer

    Draws are here.

    Photos are here.

  • Les Grandes Dames Palm Beach Gardens: Super Cat II/ITF Grade 1

    Happy New Year everyone…the first tournament of the year for me anyway is this week in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. (Venus has a place for sale if you are interested).

    2019 marks a renewed cooperation between the ITF and USTA, resulting in ITF Grade 1 status for some of our Super Category 2 tournaments and Grade A status for all USTA National tournaments in the 35-85 age divisions, plus mixed. In return the USTA will not require IPIN holders to have a USTA membership in order to play in ITF sanctioned tournaments held in the USA.

    Click here to see the draws and results.

    As usual, there are a fair number of Canadians here this tournament but not a lot of other foreign players. Below are Irwin Tobias and Adrienne Simmons (who has caused 2 upsets so far).

    The tournament is being held at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center in Palm Beach Gardens, just down the street from BallenIsles. There are 18 lovely clay courts here and the facility will be even better next year after a big clubhouse renovation is started and completed. The women’s 40-80 clay courts will be held her in April.

    I am playing in a very strong 60s division, led by Diane Barker. Wendy McColskey, Bunny Allare and Kathy Vick are also playing along with Kim Dean, Kathy Foulk, Janet Mosley and Frances O’Sullivan to name a few. All eight seeds reached the quarters without drama.

    The 50s lost the 3 and 4 seeds yesterday as Adrienne Simmons (a Georgia based Canadian) beat the #4 seed Daniela Esswein and Alice Stubbs took out #3 seeded Melanie Crampton, both in three sets. Jenny Klitch and Yvette Kruger though the top 2 seeds, cruised into the semis today

    The four seeds in the 70s advanced to the semis today with Molly Hahn to face Sue Kimball and Brenda Winstead to face Toni Novack.

    In the 80s, Canadian Inge Weber the top seed and Burnett Herrick, the second seed, reached the semis.

    In the 50s, Corey Reese and Simmons beat the #2 seeds convincingly to reach the semis.

    Lisa Hoffstein/Sally Zasloff took out #5 seeded Peggy Machoian/Joan Oelschlager in the 60 doubles; the remaining 7 seeds advanced.

    Hahn/Kimball and Ellen Goodman/Winstead the top 70s seeds, advanced to the semis.

  • USTA Semi Annual Meeting: Minutes from Adult Senior/Senior International Meetings

    Any player interested in playing National USTA tournaments or on a USA Senior International Team should read these.

    Meeting One: Aug 31, 2013

    Meeting Two: Sept. 1, 2013

  • Fort Lauderdale Super Cat II (Crawford Cup)

    The Super Cat II National held at the Lauderdale Tennis Club in Fort Lauderdale concluded today. Current or former world champions or Gold Slam champions competed in nearly every age division. The 35s unfortunately didn’t make a draw, but the draws in the 45-85 were strong.

    It rained on and off all morning but finally cleared up around 1pm.

    In the 75s, current world champion Inge Weber from Canada gave a lesson to all of her opponents. Fully recovered from a double hip replacement, she easily moved past Kathy Langer, Burnett Herrick (the 2010 world champion in the 75s) and Lyn Tietz. The final was a reprisal of the final of the world championships won by Weber in Croatia last September. This time Weber beat Tietz decisively, hitting deep and covering Tietz’s dropshots with ease. Earlier in the week the sole upset was Lola O’Sullivan beating Evelyn Hustwit from Canada in the quarters. Herrick beat O’Sullivan in three sets to place third.

    Carol Wood and Ria Graham won the 75 doubles. They upset current world champions Langer/Tietz in three sets, rallying from 1-4 in the third to win it 75. They beat the defending champions, Herrick/Dorothy Wasser in straight sets in the final. Langer/Tietz took the third over Libby Keenan/Boots Van Nostrand.

    In the 65s, Brenda Carter (current Gold Slam champion) said she “zoned” in the final, beating Carol Clay without the loss of a game. Clay had a good tournament, beating Ellen Goodman and Betty Wachob to reach the final. Wachob placed third, beating Judy Louie 63 62. Carter/Wachob took the doubles title with a straight set win over Louie/Lee Delfausse. Clay/Goodman took third.

    Diane Barker, the current world champion in 55 singles remained unbeaten in the 55s (in fact she’s not lost more than 4 games in a match in the 55s in over a year of play!). She beat Kerry Young and Carolyn Nichols to win the title; Young beat Kathy Foulk to place third.

    Cindy Leprevost/Young beat Lil Peltz-Petow and Jan Kirkland-Cochran to win the 55 doubles; Ann Stanley/Betsy Savitt placed third over Joan Oelschlager/Lou Armstrong.

    The 45 singles final was played today in gusty conditions. The first set, between third seeded Susan Boyer (a 76 61 winner over top seeded Vesna McKenna yesterday) and second seeded Jenney Klitch was extremely entertaining and played in front of a large crowd. Boyer controlled the points well and made few errors to forge a 53 lead. Klitch became increasingly aggressive and at the same time cut back on her errors to tie the match at 5-5. Boyer had a set point at 65 and a short volley; Klitch guessed right on the direction and hit a great passing shot, won the tiebreak 74 and the second set 61. Daniella Esswein placed third by default.

    McKenna/Mary Dailey beat Klitch/Nichols in the doubles final 75 75, coming back from 45 down in each set. Esswein/Runk placed third by default.

    Jane Lutz entered the 85s this year and dominated this event, beating Rita Price to win the singles and combining with her to win the doubles over Nancy Stout/Joan Brisbin.

    Thanks to everyone who made this tournament possible.


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  • Bocage Tournament No Longer an ITF Ranking Tournament; Tournament Withdrawn from ITF Calendar.

    The Bocage Racquet Club, Ed Gaskell, Tournament Director, has withdrawn the Bocage tournament from the ITF calendar. This tournament will not carry ITF ranking points. It will continue to be a Category II USTA ranking tournament for women and a Super Category II for men. It is open to all USTA members (whether or not residents of the USA).

    To enter, click here: http://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=135346

  • BallenIsles Wrap Up

    Sunday was as sunny and beautiful as Saturday was dreary and drizzly. There were lots of good matches too.

    The matches began at 10am…just moments after the epic Djokovic/Wawrinka marathon five setter ended. The women waiting to play were riveted by the match, it was amazing.

    So on to the tennis. Here are the winners and finalists:

    30 Singles: (2) Evgenia Dockter d. (1) Katerina Stanford

    40 Singles (RR): 1st: Angela Simon; 2nd: Trish Riddell

    50 Singles: Carolyn Nichols d. Mariana Hollman

    60 Singles: Wendy McColsky d. Peggy Machoian

    70 Singles: Charleen Hillebrand d. Susanne Clark

    80 Singles: Rosie Asch d. Mary Ann Plante

    30 Doubles: Dockter/Simon d. Gordon/Stanford

    40 Doubles: RR 1st: Riddell/Nichols; 2nd: Daniela Eisswein/Tonya Gustaffson

    50 Doubles: Jarilyn Joseph/Hollman d. Susie Brown/Marianne Caplan

    60 Doubles: McColsky/Cindy Babb d. Hillebrand/Trish Faulkner

    70 Doubles: Jane Pang/Sheila Weinstock d. Clark/Grace Wood

    80 Doubles: RR: 1st: Jane Lutz/Diane Hoffman; 2nd: Rosie Asch/Rita Price


    Babb/McColskey had  really tough road to hoe: they beat the #1, 2 and 3 seeds en route to the title. They are a good combination with Wendy setting with her lethal forehand and Cindy attacking at the net.

    Hollman and Joseph were a wall at the net.

    Jane Lutz and Diane Hoffman are both in the 85s but are still won the 80 doubles.

    Hillebrand, Faulkner, Clark, W70 sgls IMG_2434 IMG_2440 Jane Lutz, Trish Faulkner, TD, Diane Hoffman, W80 Champions

  • BallenIsles: Rainy Saturday

    All I can say is that it is a very good thing that this is a clay court tournament…play would not have been possible otherwise today in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

    In the 40s, Angela Simon moved past Trish Riddell in impressive fashion, winning 62 61, displaying power and speed.

    In the 60s, Peggy Machoian and Wendy McColsky cruised to the final…Machoian lost 2 games, McColskey none. Doubles matches were competitive though. Trish Faulkner and Charleen Hillebrand beat Goodman/Clay 61 64 while McColskey/Babb edged Margie Cooper and Cindy Leprevost.

    Hillebrand played flawlessly to beat Suzanne Clark in the 70 singles final.

    Rosie Asch beat Mary Ann Plante to win the 80s.

    In 50 doubles, Hollman/Joseph beat Karen Olsen/ Kathy Foulk in straight sets but had to work hard to take the second set 75. Susie Brown/Marianne Caplan beat Frances O’Sullivan/Judy Stiff 64 76 to advance to the final.

    Rain fell on and off all day. Trish Riddell and I played in showery conditions twice, since we had 2 round robin 40 doubles matches. We won both, received a default in the third to win the 40 doubles.

    I play Hollman in the singles final tomorrow at 10 am.

  • BallenIsles Grandes Dames Super Cat II, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    Dates: January 16-20

    Place: Palm Beach Gardens, FL, BallenIsles CC (otherwise known as home for Venus and Serena Williams)

    What: USTA Super Cat II 500 Point ranking tournament for national rankings, women’s 50, 60, 70, 80

    Surface: Green Clay

    Tournament Web Page: http://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=125052

    Play began Wednesday at BallenIsles. BallenIsles is a gorgeous private club just north of Palm Beach, Florida. The tournament “hub” is in the children’s playroom, near the tennis pro shop and pool. The courts are all hydrocourts, which use an underground watering system, so no court time is lost to watering during the day. Play and watering of the courts can be simultaneous.

    Thursday there were two great matches in the 50s: Marianne Caplan beat her doubles partner, Susie Brown 64 67 75 in a match which displayed the heart and all court play of each player. Brown moved great and attacked off serve and return, as did Caplan…in the end Caplan was slightly more consistent, though Brown looked much fresher (she’s from Florida, Caplan from Pennsylvania and it was in the 80s) at the end. They are also doubles partners this week. Another set of doubles partners, Kathy Foulk and Karen Olson (who took out #4 seeded Sheila Chiricosta 62 62 on Wednesday) had a barnburner too, won by Olson 76 (6) 76 (5).

    In the 70s, Ria Graham, who just entered the 75s (!) took out Sheila Weinstock in three hours, three sets….the Floridian, Graham, won this battle.

    Today there were a few more good battles and upsets too. Barbara Squires took advantage of the cooler weather which blew in last night (it’s relative…the high was 72 instead of 82 today) and beat the top seed in the 60s, Carol Clay, in three long sets, 64 in the third. She will face Machoian next while Ellen Goodman (who overcame a 0-4 first set deficit to beat Cindy Babb in straight sets) takes on Wendy McColskey, the favorite in this division.

    In the 80s, Mary Ann Plante, who says of herself that she is not a singles player….took out the second seed, Jane Lutz (who is in the 85s this year) to reach the final. Rosie Asch edged Mimi Donegan and will face Plante in the final.

    The 40s got underway today and the 30s are out to the final.

    There’s a dinner at the club tonight, and play continues tomorrow in all divisions.


    IMG_2420 Starred photos BallenIsles 2012 Starred photos BallenIsles 2012-001 Starred photos BallenIsles 2012-006 Starred photos BallenIsles 2012-009 Rosie Livings Trish Faulkner Starred photos BallenIsles 2012-013